Diploma & Graduation Requirements

  • Visit the Oregon Department of Education web site for up-to-date information.

Alternative Education Option:

Insight School of Oregon. It’s fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission(NWAC) and is registered with ODE as a private alternative school.

Approved reasons for taking a course through Insight of Oregon:

  • Credit Recovery – The most common definition of credit recovery is simply “a structured means for students to earn missed/failed credit in order to graduate.”
  • Students with a scheduling conflict – there are times when a student is unable to take a required core class and as a result he/she will be approved to take an online course to maintain his/her course sequence for graduation.
  • Students identified as capable of academic acceleration in core content classes not offered through ECS.
  • Students who are capable of passing advance placement classes.

Other reasons for taking a course through Insight of Oregon. Please note that it will be the parent’s responsible to pay tuition.

  • Request for another teacher – With such a small staff, ECS is unable to offer more than one section of a core course. If a parent requests that his/her student not take a required core course when offered an equivalent course could be made available.
  • Students whose parents would like their student to take a course not offered by ECS high school staff.